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Timely Relationships


According to Stephen R. Covey, little kindness and courtesies are so important. In relationships, the little things are the big things. How do you keep the flame of love burning? Do it in a T.I.M.E.L.Y fashion.




Thoughtfully and tenderly: As it is always written outside every carton containing glasses: “Handle with Care”. It is the same with human relationships. It is as fragile as a glass. Be considerate of the feelings of the other person in whatever you do. Just be thoughtful and treat each other with care.


Intimately: Promote moments of intimacy like a candlelight dinner or a late night TV show when there is nobody else to disturb your togetherness. Intimacy brings a relationship to a higher level.


Maturely: Do not be emotional.  Communicate and discuss matters with respect and support for each other. Attack the issue and not the person.


Enduringly: Understand the financial situation and be happy with what you have in life and enjoy the moment. Share the ups and downs in life is a great way to strengthening a relationship.


Lovingly: Express your loving feelings in action as well as in words .Talk freely about anything and everything


Youthfully: Do not allow the loving feelings to fade away with the passing of time. The bond of a relationship should be stronger with each passing day. Age may be counting but love can always stay youthful.

There is an element of trust builds into the loving feelings in a relationship. Uphold the trust in each other for a lasting relationship
Charles Chua C K

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4 Responses to “Timely Relationships”

  1. Very nicely put. Another practical-life-lessons session with acronyms :)

    And very true. Expecially the part about endurance(/acceptance), handling things maturely, and always keeping the flame alive (or at least trying one’s best to). :)

  2. great blog… keep it up!
    this tips is insiring me enouigh.. :)

    well, please also comment on:

    thanks.. ^^

  3. Being together or such a long time can really make the relationship boring. It is necessary to follow the tips you have given to make the relationship last longer. Thanks for the tips. :)

  4. Celeste.H

    I think this picture very well explains the family relation,in which wife is the real joint-point for all members,for the mantainence of a long-time sacrifice…Thanks a lot!

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