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Merry Christmas!
25 Dec 2013 | No Comment

Merry Christmas, everyone! Thank you for being with us this year! We know we have not been consistent in updating this website (and trust me, we have really valid reasons for this) but we hope to improve in the next year! Here is to all of you and to our happy future!

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Colors of My Soul

Colors of My Soul is an online community of like-minded individuals – those for whom writing is not just a hobby but life, people who might not be published authors (yet!) but who find peace and solace in expressing themselves through a written word. We welcome here everyone, writers and readers from all parts of the world.

When you hop through the world of blogging you can be really surprised how many people write. No, we don’t mean someone who just types in words and makes up sentences. Nothing of the kind! To type is simple. To write is an art. You will meet a variety of people who post their short stories, poems, creative essays, and many more. And some of them are good. Moreover, some of them are even more than just good. They are talented, they are inspiring, and they want to change the world. And they can. And they would. Given the chance. More often than not they do not have this chance. Sometimes they have no idea of how talented they are, of the power that comes from their words. Sometimes they have this idea but don’t know the ways to use it. They blog, and that is their personal space where they create a world woven from powerful magic of words, feelings and emotions. The world where every single day someone's soul is touched.

This is the same world we create here in Colors of My Soul. The only difference is that we want to bring this world beyond the borders of one small personal space and make it a larger and more vivid world. We let bloggers express themselves and reach out to the wider audience. And we give readers a place where they will find a great variety of quality diverse content.

At the same time we understand importance of being better with each coming day. Writing is something that needs to be practiced. You might believe you are Hemingway of our days but probably it is not enough, you have to be better.

If writing is your life, don’t you want your life to be the best possible? Don’t you want to convey your emotions and feelings in a more powerful way? Don’t you want your readers to relate to your writing pieces?

If you are serious about writing then the only appropriate answer to all of the questions above is "I do!" Here, at the Colors of My Soul we will provide you with the best writing techniques, recommendations, experience. We might not be experts in everything we will write about but we will do our best to invite such experts to contribute to our community. We will learn together.

If you still are not clear about what Colors of My Soul is all about, we can summarize it for you. It is about ENCOURAGEMENT and LEARNING. With words we can express myriad hues of life. But often there is nobody else in there to appreciate it other than family and close friends. Here you will be appreciated by those who believe in the power of writing. We might not tell you how to become a published writer (it should be done – and it is – by those who have personally gone through all the circles of writing-publishing love-hate relationship) but we promise to give you a place to call home in your online writing world. A place where you can learn, write, love, touch someone's life, and let your life be touched by someone just like you.

To make your stay comfortable with us we want to show you some shortcuts around this place.

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We you here and hope you will enjoy your stay with us.

Let's touch a soul today together!